• We all lead
    busy lives!

    Often times it feels like we are on autopilot. We work full time jobs, volunteer time for charitable organizations, and take care of our families while trying to stay in touch with our friends and extended family members.

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Mindful Destinations brings an integrative approach

Pause, Reflect, and Be in the Moment
Our mission at Mindful Destinations is to help you pause, reflect on life, and be present in the moment. This integrative approach to being aware, clearing your mind from distractions, and focusing on yourself will help you improve your lifestyle. You will feel calmer, less stressed and more aware of your emotions. This will provide you with more meaningful relationships, both personally and professionally.
  • Coaching
  • Workshops
  • Hypnosis
We will focus on an individual's goals, dreams, and strategies for a successful work and personal life.
fitness & nutrition
1-on-1 health coaching session. You will eat, move & live better.
managing your money
You won’t be wealthy unless you understand how money works!
bodies by design
Sculpting & Toning with Resistance Bands. Balance Ball, Stretching & Pilates.
sugar moods
Discover the link between mood & blood sugar balance and how it effects mood, sleep, and weight.
reading food labels
Ever wonder what all that stuff on a package of food actually means? See what all that Greek means.
Our thoughts influence our feelings; it is possible to alter and enhance our life experiences through the use of hypnosis by shifting our thoughts and attitudes, allowing us to live in healthy balance of mind and body. Check out the benefits of hypnosis.

Improve your health and happiness

Design a Happier Lifestyle
Mindful Destinations will help you design a happier, healthier, wealthier lifestyle. We will play a critical role in improving your health and happiness. You will learn to achieve the life you want. We support you in getting started by suggesting lifestyle changes and designing a plan specifically for you.
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One on One Coaching

We offer one on one coaching for business, personal and lifestyle changes. Or you may prefer attending one of the many workshops that we offer. As your Coach, I will help guide, mentor and empower you to achieve success in your busy life.