Your Money


Your future is not in the hands of your employer, your union, or your government nor is it in the hands of your bank or broker.

The future of your money is in your hands. You can learn to:
Make money
Save money
Accumulate money
Protect money

You can build a strong financial foundation by learning to:
Build up savings & Investments
Have an emergency fund
Manage debt/reduce liability
Have proper protection for your family on life, health & disability

Do you think taxes will increase or decrease in the future? If you are counting on Social Security to be your retirement plan, you should consider that with inflation you would probable not receive enough to live on. Where are you putting your money? Is it taxed now, later or in a tax-advantaged plan?

Do you know about the high cost of education? It is important to understand college costs, the admission process, financial aid and how to navigate the complex college funding system. You as a parent can participate in college planning by determining the most cost-effective, tax efficient way to fund a college education.

Plan to protect your future. Without proper planning your assets and family may not be protected. It’s good to have your wishes documented:
Do you have a will or trust?
Who will decide your health care or end of life decisions?
Will you be able to avoid family arguments?
Who inherits your money?
Who gets your home?

Knowledge is wealth. You won’t be wealthy unless you understand how money works!

Let me be your guide with taking control of your money.

Naomi Altergott
Licensed Life, Health and Annuities Agent