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Mindful Destinations provides individual consultation, group or corporate education.

Our education opportunities can play a part in lowering your overall all health care cost and allow you to live a longer healthier more productive life.

Example Workshop

Here are some tips from our Designing Happy, Healthier, Wealthier Lifestyles workshop.

  • Start your day with a little stretch
  • Hydrate: 8-8 oz. of liquid a day, in the form of water or green tea
  • 3 times a day get up and move for 15 minutes {total time 45 minutes)
  • Apply Sunscreen (30 Plus SPF) everyday & take a vitamin D3
  • Take care of yourself from the inside out
  • Stop and just breathe deep. Practice breathing exercises daily
  • Eat Empowered: Eat 3 clean meals a day, breakfast being the most important
  • Take care of yourself and reap the benefits: exercise, hypnosis, coaching, facial, massage, manicure or pedicure
  • Be mindful everyday by being aware and being present in the moment
  • Keep your finances in order
  • Always be opened to learn something new
  • Take care of your immune system
  • Consider hiring a coach to help you stay focused and on track with your future
  • Make sleep a priority!!!
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Workshop Descriptions

Designing Happy, Healthier, Wealthier Lifestyles
Small simple steps that create long lasting changes for a healthier you.

Guided Meditation Classes
Bringing simply awareness by paying attention on purpose in the present moment, to what is closest to you, being present in this very moment in which you are living in.

Bodies By Design
Sculpting & Toning with Resistance Bands

  • Balance Ball: Improving Balance & Increasing Flexibility, while Strengthening the Core
  • Stretching: Improving posture, motion while increasing circulation and calming the mind
  • Pilates: Spine, Core & Body Alignment while learning the art of Breathing

Do You Know How Money Works
A 5 part series on how to increase your cash flow, manage debt, build a strong financial foundation and properly protect yourself & family.

Sugar Moods
Learn how sugar effects mood, sleep and weight. The link between mood and blood sugar balance.

Time Management
Developing time management skill, how you use your time and how to increase effectiveness. Learn how to determine “Is that the best use of your time”.

How to Read Food Labels
Ever wonder what all that stuff on a package of food actually means? Join me for an informative workshop on just what all that Greek means.

Brain Body Balance
A 5 part series using the 5 senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch).

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